A framework that helps you achieve an end-to-end, seamless automation and create a rapid delivery engine. A framework that not only delivers significant improvements in operational and project efficiencies but also, brings about a distinct competitive advantage.

Adopting DevOps can boost your performance by:

  • Accelerating your time to release
  • Reducing your software product/services delivery costs
  • Creating a seamlessly integrated engineering and deployment/infrastructure organization
  • Providing you the agility to swiftly respond to changing demands
  • Freeing up your time for innovation

Matrix DevOps Consulting

Get answers to your initial questions like “Is DevOps really for me?” OR “What kind of solution should I look at?” to complex questions like “Can you help me manage my cloud instances efficiently?” OR “Can you suggest how to make my release better?”

Our experts can step in. The Matrix consulting services are aimed at gauging your readiness or current cloud usage and come up with a Devops adoption blueprint. These include:

  • Understand the "as-is" and business objectives or outcomes desired.
  • Analyze your IT systems and come up with detailed findings/report,
  • Identify opportunities based on your needs and priorities.
  • Suggest suitable options for DevOps adoption with corresponding tool chain and budgets.
  • Create a blueprint of DevOps implementation along with KPIs.
  • Mentor your in-house DevOps team, if any.

Matrix Managed DevOps

Do not have or do not wish to hire additional resources for DevOps? Partner with Matrix managed services.

Matrix can deploy an experienced team of DevOps resources with in-depth expertise in software application/product release management, automation, continuous deployment, and the requisite tool chain. As your extended organization, our team will work in close collaboration with your software engineering team to make it seamless and efficient.

DevOps as a service is not only efficient to develop software but also to speed deliveries. For efficient implementation, your business needs a DevOps managed service provider for configuring the online hosting applications. To fulfil demanding delivery requirements, the virtual platform must be as fluid as the application. Moreover, deployment from development to production must be automatic. Need not have your customer waiting.